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PULGA - clock with speech (LV)

For more information, contact Exceed.

TRIPTONE - body scale with speech

TRIPTONE - Available in Latvian, Lithuanian and Russian speech output.

Compact 5 HD

The Compact 5 HD is a portable magnifier that offers more overview and always stays in focus.

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Ilgi gaidīts jaunums – latviešu valodā runājošie rokas pulksteņi

Amerikāņu autors Hilarijs Hintons (pazīstams kā Zig Ziglar) reiz teicis: “Ja Tu spēj par to sapņot, tad Tu to...


JAWS® 2018 atjauninājums (03.2018.)

Šis uzlabojumu saraksts ir izveidots starp 2018. gada februāra un 2018. gada marta atjauninājumiem.


JAWS® 2018.1802.78 atjauninājums (02.2018.)

Šis JAWS 2018 atjauninājums ir izstrādāts starp 2017. gada decembra un 2018. gada februāra atjauninājumiem.



Redzīga cilvēka ikdiena ir pašsaprotama, taču kāda ir neredzīga cilvēka ikdiena? Kā redzīgam cilvēkam saprast neredzīgu cilvēku, lai nerastos...


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Liepajas Society of the Blind has had successful cooperation with EXCEED. The company not only distributes the products of manifacturers, but in collaboration with them also develps products, making them more friendly to Latvian society. Ordered special aid products always have been delivered in time. In case of damage, the products are repaired or replaced quickly if necessary. EXCEED team is responsive and they are not afraid to seek solutions to complex requests. They are open to cooperation. Therefore we are satisfied with the work and service of EXCEED.
I have seen and I am using several EXCEED products - Latvian speaking weights, talking clock and watch, also chess for blind people. I really enjoy all these Latvian adapted products - the speech is clear and great quality. All products are made of good materials and are high quality. I trully hope that EXCEED will expand the range of products and aids.
Reklāmas aģentūra Armadillo. Specializētie palīglīdzekļi - pirmajā brīdī var šķist, ka runa ir par produktiem, kas piemēroti ir tikai cilvēkiem ar redzes traucējumiem, taču tā nebūt nav. Viena no Armadillo darbības jomām ir visu veidu dizaina darbu izstrāde. Arī mūsu dizaineru ikdienā lieliski noder, piemēram, vairākas reizes palielinošā lupa ar LED apgaismojumu, kas palīdz saskatīt pat vissmalkākās drukātā materiāla nianses: tā materiālu, krāsu un pat reljefu. Exceed piedāvātie produkti var būt noderīgi ikviena ikdienā.


AutoSense Voice

The new AutoSense meter is designed for easy, accurate, and quick testing of blood glucose level. It does not require manual coding, which makes testing easier and faster and eliminates errors associated with miscoded meters. AutoSense also offers hygienic operation and the broadest, most user-friendly features available in a blood glucose meter.

The talking function of AutoSense Voice makes this meter very easy to use, even for those who are visually impaired. Clear and simple sentences spoken in a human voice lead users through the testing steps and allow them to hear the test results.