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Ambutech Ambutech believes in being part of the global blind and visually impaired community. Spending time celebrating, learning and working with this community has made them determined to provide the best products possible. Because of their commitment to quality and cost, in 20 years, they have grown to become the largest supplier of mobility products for the blind and visually impaired in Europe and North America. Ambutech distributes to more than 80 countries making our canes among the most trusted and recognizable worldwide.
Perkins Solutions Started in 1829 as the first school for the blind in the United States, Perkins is dedicated to improving literacy for children and adults who are blind, deafblind and visually impaired across the globe – providing opportunities for higher levels of education, career development and enhanced daily living.In 1951, Perkins Solutions division, which is housed on the main campus in Watertown, Mass., created the Perkins Brailler, which has helped improve the lives of thousands of people worldwide. Today Perkins Solutions is a manufacturer and retailer that provides support and training services and draws on its partnerships with Perkins School to stay relevant in the ways visually impaired students learn and use technology.
Zoomax ZOOMAX, a Rejoin Solutions’ subsidiary, is a developer and manufacturer of technology dedicated to creating independence for people with vision impairments, offering a full line of low vision products, handheld, portable and desktop video magnifiers. The ZOOMAX R&D team specializes in innovative, efficient and robust hardware design. With innovations like developing our own HD camera, Zoomax delivers superior quality at affordable prices. For ZOOMAX, quality and customer satisfaction are priority one. We are working closely with sales and support agents in over 60 nations worldwide to ensure customers anywhere can always get the best products and support possible. ZOOMAX will continue to develop innovative high-tech solutions for people with vision impairments, while continuing to maintain our focus on quality with affordability.
ROBERTS With a heritage of more than 80 years, and a reputation built on producing high-quality premium-brand radios for the consumer market, Roberts Radio Limited is the UK brand leader in portable radios with international sales in countries across the globe, including Japan and the USA.With a range of over 100 different DAB, analogue, world radios, radio cassettes and internet radios and a commitment to constant improvement, Roberts leads the field in design, product development and innovation.
Harpo Harpo is all about help for disabled people. Our products give access to knowledge, workplace and entertainment. Harpo is a company with a global reach. Our products are delivered to all corners of the world. Thanks to the network of our partners, people with visual impairments around the globe have an opportunity to improve their lives with a range of solutions developed and manufactured by Harpo. This page informs on the activities and products that are aimed to the market outside of Poland, our home country.
NoIR NoIR Medical Technologies has been providing fashionable, functional and affordable sun filters for the partially sighted, post-operative cataract patients and recreationalists since 1973. With over 50 lenses of differing colors and transmission characteristics, the UVShield filter system manages the light that reaches the eyes to maximize functional vision, enhance contrast and provide comfort against disabling glare. By reducing overall light transmission and eliminating bothersome frequencies of light, UVShield filters often increase mobility and provide relief from the light-sensitivity, glare and discomfort related to the onset of macular degeneration and other vision-impairing eye conditions, including night-blindness.
Optelec Optelec’s mission is simple: “Improving the quality of life of visually impaired and dyslexic people – reaching out with simple and effective solutions.” Our aim is to help anyone with a visual impairment, whether it be blindness, any degree of vision impairment or dyslexia, with simple to use and intuitive products. These products are designed to help you lead an independent and full life: to allow you to stay in touch with those around you, to enable you to continue school or work and to help you continue doing your hobbies. When medical treatments are fully exhausted, there are still many assistive products available that can help. These are the products that Optelec makes -with the hope of making a difference and improving the life of someone with a visual impairment. Because at Optelec we truly believe that “life is worth enjoying”!

Liepajas Society of the Blind has had successful cooperation with EXCEED. The company not only distributes the products of manifacturers, but in collaboration with them also develps products, making them more friendly to Latvian society.

Ordered special aid products always have been delivered in time. In case of damage, the products are repaired or replaced quickly if necessary. EXCEED team is responsive and they are not afraid to seek solutions to complex requests. They are open to cooperation. Therefore we are satisfied with the work and service of EXCEED.

I have seen and I am using several EXCEED products - Latvian speaking weights, talking clock and watch, also chess for blind people. I really enjoy all these Latvian adapted products - the speech is clear and great quality. All products are made of good materials and are high quality. I trully hope that EXCEED will expand the range of products and aids.

Reklāmas aģentūra Armadillo. Specializētie palīglīdzekļi - pirmajā brīdī var šķist, ka runa ir par produktiem, kas piemēroti ir tikai cilvēkiem ar redzes traucējumiem, taču tā nebūt nav. Viena no Armadillo darbības jomām ir visu veidu dizaina darbu izstrāde. Arī mūsu dizaineru ikdienā lieliski noder, piemēram, vairākas reizes palielinošā lupa ar LED apgaismojumu, kas palīdz saskatīt pat vissmalkākās drukātā materiāla nianses: tā materiālu, krāsu un pat reljefu. Exceed piedāvātie produkti var būt noderīgi ikviena ikdienā.